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Possession in Persian (Farsi)

How do you show possession in Persian (Farsi)?

Thank you!

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    It's very simple!

    When you want to show the possession, you connect the two sides by " ــــِ کسره ی مالکیت "

    I'll explain it through examples:

    My Book in English is translated to " Ketab -e- man کتابِ من "

    You just have to put the possessor after the " kasre کسره " and the object, before it. So the form will be " book - e - me " ( kinda funny English :D )

    If the word before Kasre ends in a vowel, kasre ( e ) turns into ( ی ye ) to be read more easily.

    Here are more examples:

    His hand ---> Hand + e + Him ---> dast + e + oo --> دستِ او

    Cat's paw ---> paw + e + cat ---> panje + ye + gorbe ---> پنجه ی گربه

    Table's leg ---> leg + e + table --> paaye + ye + miz ---> پایه ی میز

    My friend's car ----> car + e + my friend ( friend + e + me ) ---> mashin + e + doost + e + man ---> ماشین دوست من


    Khodro + ye + doost + e + man ---> خودروی دوست من

    It's kinda vice versa of English rule. You can form every possessions by this easy rule.

    I hope I helped you!!

    In Farsi, we use a "sound" for showing possession. it's like E word.
    exm : Ketab-e Simon (Simon's book)
    کتاب ِ سایمون

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