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The use of 自分

I really I don't get the use of dictionary is sayinng that the meaning is ONESELF but sometimes has other meanings
Can anyone explain it every single way to use it

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    You can use 自分 when referring to the person that is doing the action (but other parts than the subject).

    マリアは彼が自分のことを好きだと思っていた (Maria thought that he liked her)
    Here, 自分のこと is almost the same as 自分. And 自分 refers to the person in the subject, namely Maria.

    This way, the corresponding English word to 自分 can be either her or herself, depending on the construction.

    マリアは自分の手を見つめた (Maria gazed at her hands)
    You can never use 彼女の in the sentence of this kind.

    マリアは鏡で自分を見た (Maria looked at herself in the mirror)
    You can never use 彼女を in the sentence of this kind.

    マリアは自分の犬を散歩に連れて行った (Maria took her dog for a walk)
    You could use 彼女の in place of 自分の, but it is unusual and is not recommended.


    It will depend on the sentence, but it is very predictable if you think "myself" and "own".

    自分で勉強しています (I am studying by myself)
    そんなことは自分のことだ。(Those things are personal/ my own business)

    I hope this helps.

    First of all, please do not follow non native speakers' advise since they can be very confusing (if not always).

    自分のするべき仕事 ー Job/work that should be done by me
    自分 Is just as written - my part

    自分ではその問題は解決できない。I cannot solve the problem myself 
    If you replace 自分With私、It all makes sense

    自分でできるでしょ? You can do it yourself, cant you?
    In this case it cannot be replaced by 私: 私でできるでしょ?Makes no sense.

    なんでも自分のやる気しだいでどうにでもなる。Depending on your own will /will power, things will turn out well.
    This also cannot be replaced by 私。なんでも私のやる気次第でどうにでもなる。It is no specific person ME but anybody but refers to oneself.

    If you need more examples l would be glad to help.
    Good luck further, you are doing very well!

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