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Se les conminó

Wat does this sentence mean? 'Se les conminó a que lucieran un semblante jovial ..... '

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    Conminar verbo Tr, amenazar,intimidar
    Derecho : Exigir una autoridad el cumplimiento de una obligación,bajo amenaza de castigo

    Pienso que aquí no es el sentido literal
    May be"they were asked (pushed) to look cheerful "
    Se les exigió que pusieran cara alegre.

    Alguien exigió/pidió a ellos /ellas que mostraran cara alegre/contenta...

    ¿dónde ha encontrado ese texto? no es un lenguaje demasiado común...

    Hi !
    The word "conminar" means " force under threat of punishment / require someone to make a certain action, under an implied or explicit threat in case not to obey the order / to compel ".
    For example: " his mother threatened it to do the homework or if not, it would take his video games from him " ( did not give him an option ).
    Implies that the person who gives the order has certain authority.
    In this case, it can be a social order: " you must seem cheerful/ young", " women must always seem young and thin ".
    Synonymous: obligar / compeler / intimar
    I hope to have been helpful.

    That sentence is really uncommon, but it exist obviouly in spanish. But equally I'd recommend you to don't use it never, sincerely.
    That phrase means that the fact of showing a cheerful face (at some place or at certain moment) was required.

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