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What does 大大小小 mean?


What does 大大小小 mean? It is in a children's story. I know it means big and small but why are the characters doubled?
e.g. 里面有大大小小的熊猫。
Inside, there are big and small pandas?

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    If they are not doubled, then it's 大小, and 大小 means "size".
    e.g. 那只熊猫的大小 that panda's size

    You can interpret 大大小小 as big ones and smalls ones, but its focus is actually on that there are pandas of different sizes.
    e.g. 里面有大大小小的熊猫。There are pandas of all kinds of sizes in there.

    Similarly you can say 高高矮矮的建筑 (buildings of different heights), 胖胖瘦瘦的人 (people of different weights). Same as 大小(size), 高矮 means height (but not altitude). According to the rule, 胖瘦 means one's size or weight too, but in order to avoid making sensitive people uncomfortable you can just use "weight" because you don't know they want to be fatter or thinner.

    in addition to the above answers...

    I think, besides the indication of all kinds of sizes of pandas... by using doubled characters, it implicits there are MANY of pandas of all kinds of sizes...

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