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Si en buena onda, no te hagas la que no sabes nada del tema. Di la neta de una vez por todas

I'm watching a telenovela and can't figure out what this sentence means literally. If you can help could you break it down into parts for me? Thanks!!

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    In a cool way (Si en buena onda)
    Don't act like you don't know about what we are talking about (no te hagas la que no sabes nada del tema)
    Say the truth once and for all (Di la neta de una vez por todas)

    In mexico those frases are common! :D


    All these words belong to a language developed by Chilean "evil-doers" in the early 1800's. The language is called Coa (pretty much the same as Lunfardo in Buenos Aires). Many of these terms became popular and are now used by an increasing number of the population, particularly in Santiago. Though, many of the terms are used in a strongly offensive way (the sentence that you quoted is a perfect example of it) they can also be used in a friendly manner. But never in a formal context. If you just learning Spanish, I don't recommend to pay much attention to these terms since they can only be understood by Chileans (and not by all Chileans) and people who speak like that are not favourably viewed.

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