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У нас не курить


I understand that this sentence means "We do not smoke" (if I am not mistaken), but I don't understand the grammatical structure behind it. Could you please tell me what is the pattern of expression with other examples? (if possible with translation into English or Spanish so I can understand the nuance of the use of this structure)

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    Sometimes the infinitive is used to express an order, request (the imperative mood). This sentence means : Don't smoke here (or somewhere... - у нас).

    This form of the imperative also can be used with "нельзя", "нужно/не нужно"... Ex: у нас нельзя курить; не ходить по газонам = нельзя ходить по газонам.

    It is used in the instructions: открыть крышку; выключить свет; варить 5 минут...


    Normalmente decimos: У нас не курят / Здесь не курят (= "ellos no fuman por acquí").
    En placas se usa infinitivo (en el sentido de orden):
    Не курить! (No fumar) Не парковаться! (no aparcar)

    Usually you can miss some words in Russian to make the sentense shorter. So, this phrase is a shortening from "у нас НЕЛЬЗЯ курить"

    У нас не курить means You shouldn't smoke at our place. We do not smoke - Мы не курим.


    У нас is often means here. У нас тепло. It is warm here. У нас начались лесные пожары.
    Не курить is a strong order.

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