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Why were you come to the Japan?
Why were you came to the Japan?



you のあとは原型ですか?
あと、to the Japan?
to Japan?

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    learning for English ha chotto chigaundesu "for learning English" "igirisugo benkyousuru no tame ni" ne?

    Gomenne -_- I answered on ryoko san's comment ne...

    Your sentences should be "Why DID you come to Japan" => not "the" Japan because there is only ONE Japan.. tsu shika Nihon ga aru dakarane...

    Also.. the second sentence ha chigaundesuyo:

    "came" is a past time (simple past tense)
    "were' is also a simple past tense used for a compound tense...

    just try to remember this: If there's more than 1 verb in the sentence, the second verb will be in the (bare) infinitive form. tabun muzukashi... I hope my explanation is a bit clear.. it's easier to explain it with an example.

    1) Where do you come from. => 2) Where did you come from.

    Sentence 1 was a sentence in the present tense. I wanted to change the sentence int the past tense. "DO" become "DID" and "COME" remains in the bare infinitive form.


    *Where do you come from? *Where did you come from?

    p.s.: I forgot the question marks :D It's still morning over here so my head is a bit cloudy :)

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