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what does "phallic skyline' mean?

The plane was picking up momentum. The shaded cabins deprived the passengers of a view, but from the nose Swindal looked down on hangars, a parked cluster of privately owned Jetstars, a complex of rust-red gantries, and, in the distance, the phallic skyline of downtown Dallas. Though the sky was of palest blue, the jumbled landscape below took no hint of gentleness from it. Under Swindal's right wing three distinctive buildings loomed. The first read "Ramada Inn," the second "Executive Inn." The third bore no sign; though vastly larger than the others, it was color¬less from this height and as shapeless as a Rorschach blot. The Colonel, who hadn't been there, couldn't identify it as Parkland Memorial Hospital.

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    Phallic means resembling or relating to the penis. So, I believe "phallic skyline" means that the shape of the skyline made it resemble a penis somehow! It seems like the narrator must not like the place he or she is talking about, to describe the skyline as "phallic!"

    That's definitely not something someone would say in normal conversation, but is characteristic of this kind of "gritty" writing.

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