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what does "bloodwise"mean?

Doubtless this would be the most important picture he would ever take. He was naturally a worrier, and he had some cause for concern. He had failed with the Hasselblad before. In addition he was apprehensive about Ken O'Donnell. With the ambivalence of everyone aboard, he called Johnson "Mr. President" while looking to President Kennedy's chief lieutenant as the man he must please. One sure way to displease Ken would be to photograph Mrs. Kennedy's stains. Bloodwise I'd better be O.K., Stoughton thought anxiously.

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    It seems to mean "concerning blood," "about blood," or "as far as blood goes." Something like that...

    It's hard to explain, but adding "-wise" on the end of a word usually means "concerning" or "about" the word it is added to.

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