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Some questions about this sentence 因为她妹妹和她那一无是处的妹夫与德思礼一家的为人处世完全不一样。


I am having some difficulties understanding this line 因为她妹妹和她那一无是处的妹夫与德思礼一家的为人处世完全不一样。

I can understand most of the characters, but am struggling with a couple of things.

1: What does 那一无是 mean/do?
2: What does 处的 mean?
3: What does 为人 mean/do?

I think, apart from the parts I cant understand the sentence goes something like this: 因为她妹妹和她 Because she and her (something) sister 那一无是 (do not understand) 处的(don't understand) 妹夫与德思礼一家 The ? sister and the Dursleys live(act) completely differently.

Please can you give me your full translation of the whole sentence and explanations of the 3 main points I'm not clear on.

Thank you!

The full sentence reads, 实际上,德思礼太太佯装自己根本没有这么个妹妹,因为她妹妹和她那一无是处的妹夫与德思礼一家的为人处世完全不一样。

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    This is a sentence from 《Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone》. 实际上,德思礼太太佯装自己根本没有这么个妹妹,因为她妹妹和她那(一无是处)的妹夫与德思礼一家的(为人处世)完全不一样。
    in fact, Mrs. Dursley pretended she didn't have a sister, because her sister and her good-for-nothing husband were as unDursleyish as it was possible to be.
    1.一无是处 good-for-nothing 2.为人处世 means how do you iconduct yourself in society (how you interaction with others and deal with problems )

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