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在这个局子里‘唧哇乱’ 是什么意思?


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    It's an adj. and it describe the person who makes a lot of noise.

    it should be 哇唧+乱叫.

    唧哇 is an onomatopoetic word mimicking the noise the frogs make. 乱 is an adjective meaning "chaotic" here. 叫 is "cry"(make a loud sound with your mouth, not the meaning with tears). Technically frogs don't cry with their mouth but you can still use the word. So 乱叫 means making chaotic random (somewhat loud) noise.

    it should be "唧哇乱叫",“唧哇” 是叫的声音(象声词)(难听的,或者生气的)。“乱”是形容词。“唧哇”和“乱”都是修饰“叫”的。

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