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what does "as low as we could sink"mean?

It was a travesty of justice, and Katzenbach phoned his forebodings to Barefoot Sanders. He told him, "It would be a nightmare if the President's assassin were found guilty and the Supreme Court threw the case out because he had not had a lawyer. That would be about as low as we could sink." Sanders tried to intercede. But a federal official had no Status at the jail. While the red carpet had been rolled out for every free-lance writer, the U.S. Attorney did not belong to the fourth estate, and he was virtually ignored. The pageant went on. As long as Aircraft 26000 remained airborne it had no competition; commercials had been canceled until after the President's funeral; there had never been so many viewers. Suddenly Curry's force was the most famous police department in history.

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    It means that it can't be worse than it is now-couldn't be worse :)

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