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what does "one crank did not attend it"mean?

But November 22, 1963, was the first of four days during which anything was possible, and as it turned out Katzenbach was taking too much for granted. Avid for approval, fearful of incurring displeasure, Curry had suspended what is standard operating procedure in any police station when public interest in a crime is at fever pitch; his men weren't checking press credentials. It was open house. Video tapes preserved by NBC-TV, WFAA- TV, and KRLD-TV resemble an M-G-M mob scene. The extras included complainants and witnesses who happened to be in the building, prisoners, relatives of prisoners, relatives of police officers, known criminals, and drunks who wandered in off Harwood Street. Any crank who wished to ogle the most famous department's most famous captive could have attended the Curry-Wade-Oswald press conference which was set up in the jail basement late Friday, when Oswald was displayed on a platform for better viewing, and one crank did attend it.

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    Your questions says one crank did NOT attend it. But the paragraph says one crank DID attend it.

    A "crank" is an eccentric (strange) person who is obsessed by a certain idea or subject. There was a press conference. Many people attended (were present at) it. If any crank wanted to attend the press conference, he could. But there was one crank in particular who DID attend the press conference. (The identity of the crank is not stated in this particular paragraph.)

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