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the indefinite/definite article is very hard

A strong wind
The strong wind
Strong winds

What is the difference among that word ??

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    "A strong wind" could be any strong wind. ( not specific)
    A strong wind makes the flag move rapidly.

    "The strong wind" refers to a specific wind that was strong. (specific)
    The strong wind from the storm blew the flag off of the pole. ( Here we are talking only about the wind that was produced by this particular storm.)

    "Strong winds" is plural and doesn't need an article usually; however, you could see it with "some" or "the" in front of it. Some is the plural of a and the is used for both singular and plural nouns.

    (Some) Strong winds blew away our flag. (not specific) Some is optional.
    (The) strong winds from the storm blew away our flag. (specific) The is optional.

    The point of articles is to reduce ambiguity.

    Let me demonstrate. I'll write a few sentences without articles:
    "Person walked outside. Person looked at the sky. Person went back inside. Person was happy."
    How many people are there? Is it one, two, three or four? Without articles, it's impossible to know if all three sentences refer to the same person or a number of different people.

    "A/One person walked outside. The person looked at the sky. The person went back inside. A person was happy."
    Here, you know that there are exactly two people. The first person walked outside, looked at the sky and then went back inside. 'A' in the last sentence is the indefinite article, so you know it refers to someone different than the previous three sentences.

    'Strong winds' is just the plural of 'a strong wind'. 'A' just means 'one', so obviously you cannot use it in plural.

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