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The difference between 弄明白 and 明白


I am trying to make sure I understand the difference between 弄明白 and 明白.

I saw 弄明白 for the first time today in this sentence, "一开始,德思礼先生还没弄明白他看到了什么,于是又回过头去。" Would it be okay to translate it ' Mr. Dursley still couldn't believe what he had seen, so he glanced back.

If the sentence had read 一开始,德思礼先生还没明白他看到了什么,于是又回过头去, would it still be correct, and would the meaning stay exactly the same?

When should I use 弄明白 instead of 明白? Can you give me some more example sentences using 弄明白, please.

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    According to my understanding of this,
    I think these are just based on the grammatical aspect

    like "弄" is a verb, which means to make someone.....something
    "明白" is also a verb, but compared with "弄", theres only a little difference.
    弄明白 is to make someone understand/believe
    as for 明白, we use it for like "Cool, I understand(我明白了)."
    but it could actually be "Cool I (have made myself) understand.(我弄明白了)"
    it depends on the way you say,
    more specifically, "弄明白" can also be something like "I have to figure this machine out! (我必須弄明白這個機器)" or ( I have to figure out how to use this machine. 我必須弄明白如何使用這個機器 )

    They usually appear on novels, plays, or dramas.
    In real life, when we wanna say that "I get it./ I understand./ I see."
    Its more common to use "我懂了/我知道了" because "我明白了" is sorta literary.

    These are just my own opinions, hopefully they could help :)

    mostly is the same ,one is v+n ,one is n or v


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