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Difference between doro and michi


What is the difference between doro and michi? From my understanding, they both mean road. Also what is the difference between o-hashi and hashi? (chopsticks and bridge)

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    Doro (道路) is a word of Chinese origin. It usually means a relatively broad, paved road.

    Michi (道 or 路) is a pure Japanese word and it has much broader meanings. It can mean a road, highway, street, avenue, path, passage, lane, alley, or a way of any width. Unlike doro, it can also figuratively mean a way, course, choice, means, duty, morality, teachings, justice or the like.

    I will show you a few examples of its figurative uses:
    仏の道 (hotoke no michi) = Buddha's teachings
    人の道 (hito no michi) = moral principle
    柔の道 (yawara no michi) = the art of judo

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