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english speakers...please help.

what is the difference between these words: criticize,condemn,deplore,denounce?

are these words exchangeable when used in a sentence ?

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    I would criticize your question but to flat out condemn would be deplorable! Don't denounce me just yet. Let me explain... :)

    I'll give you my definition, not so much a dictionary definition of each:

    Criticize: to find fault with something/someone and to tell them about it. Generally, criticism is negative in nature. In the US, we have a term called 'constructive criticism' which means you're asking someone to give you honest feedback even though it might not be what you want to hear (negative).

    ex: Criticize me all you'd like but i'm going to college regardless of what you say!!

    Condemn: To judge and to sentence someone to something. Another negative one. It brings on the sense of hopelessness and sadness. :(

    ex: You're condemned to live out the rest of your miserable existence in Hell!

    Deplore: I don't use this one very often but I think it means unattractive and undesirable. It's also negative in it' usages.

    ex: It's deplorable to hit your wife. (that's not a very good example... but it's the best i've got)

    Denounce: If you denounce someone, you call them out on something or challenge their authority. You're making a point or suggesting something that you feel is wrong with the thing you're denouncing. It's telling someone they're wrong!

    ex: I denounce your opinion!

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