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Is "Ajah Buhdaku" correct?

I have a recording from the '60s, which you can see here: The title is "Ajah Buhdaku." In modern spelling it would be Ayah, of course. But what about Buhdaku? Is that correct, or is it an error? I thought the phrase was "Ayah Bundaku."

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    Yes, I think so that it's an error. There's no "Buhdaku" in Indonesian vocabulary.^^

    maybe its mean "Ayah Bundaku". if you looking for "ajah budahku" at google, that is not match any document. Maybe its just incorrectly typed by author

    The words of "Ajah Buhdaku" maybe mean "Ayah Bundaku".
    But Indonesian (bahasa) is Malay (language).Indonesia was used Malay decades ago. so to write "Ayah" you can "Ajah" the both is same mean "Father". But now Indonesian use the spelling enhanced. "Ajah" become "Ayah".

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