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Why are the first letters of some words written with a capital letter in German?

i mean like 'ich möchte ein Auto kaufen' why is it Auto but not auto?

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    Hello Heather,

    In German, we use capitals with these words:

    a) nouns: das Auto, die Frau, der Mann -
    b) the first word of each sentence: Ich möchte ein Auto kaufen. Gestern war Sonntag.
    c) months and seasons: der Winter ; der Sommer; der Januar /Februar...
    d) names: Heather, Manuela, Peter, Smith - ect.

    NOTE: der, die, das = the - I won't go into details here, because that is too much for a start.

    I hope that helps,

    Nouns are always written with a capital letter German.


    Hello again ;)

    I could explain you all the rules - BUT I found a fantastic link! :) There you can find all the rules with explanations and examples. Everything is written in German, so if you don't understand it, you just translate it by using Google translator or you ask me :)

    Hope I could help you :)

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