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The sound differences in Japanese!


might just be me with bad hearing or something LOL

"Haku" and "Hashi" and there are most likely other words, focus on these two first... lol

These two has many different meanings, only way I can see them apart is the kanji, but the sound... it's the same for me. How can I hear and say them apart??

Please help, this been bothering me for a quite while. hahah

Thank you in advance! ^_^;)///

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    (は) Ha is the same sound but (く) Ku and (し) Shi sounds are pretty different..
    Japanese is not much difficult in terms of pronunciation. So just try to listen to the two carefully. Or ask for it to your Japanese friends or teachers. You will soon get the hang of it. Good luck!

    Listen to the rise and fall of the tone. For the different meanings of 'haku' and 'hashi', one goes up in tone and the other goes down. Another thing to watch for is the joshi after a word. For example, 'hana' for both 'nose' and 'flower' goes up; however, the joshi after 'nose' will stay up, while the joshi after 'flower' will go down. (I'm talking about the Tokyo accent. Different regions have different accents.)

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