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لا تــتكلم بصوت عــــــــــــــــالٍ هنـــــــــــا

وليس من الضرودي أن تتكلم بصوت عالٍ

تتكلم وكأنك رئيس عملنا

please let us know how to read them.

and what does the words كأنك and عملنا usages ?

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    You have to find an Arabic native friend and try to listening to.

    First one: " lais min al darory an titehadeth biswot aali "
    Second one: " titkalem beswot aali "

    I try my hard to write it close to what Arab speakers read it.

    كأنك :
    It's used when you tell some one that "you are acting like" or "you looking like"
    When you want to describes some one appearance or attitude to him/her.

    it's meaning "our job" but in your sentence " رئيس عملنا " it's mean "our boss"
    and if you write it like this " رئيس عملي " it will mean " my boss "

    if this word come in other sentence like " عمِلنا بِجد لننجز عمَلنا "
    first one " عمِلنا " mean " we have worked "
    second one " عمَلنا " it's mean " our work " or " our job "

    بالتوفيق :)

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