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gramática del español


Does anybody know a good Spanish grammar book?
Thank you!

For learning: Spanish
Base language: English
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    Gramática básica del estudiante de español. Difusión (A1-B1, tiene ejercicios, los dibujos que acompañan a las explicaciones son geniales)
    Gramática de uso del español. Teoría y práctica. SM ELE (hay varios niveles, tiene ejercicios)
    Gramática explicada para niveles intermedios. En clave ELE (A1-B2, tiene ejercicios)
    Gramática del español lengua extranjera. Edelsa. (no tiene ejercicios)
    All the above are books, I do not know any electronic or online grammars.


    If you are used to reading grammar (meaning you can understand grammar concepts without the need of examples), then I would recommend Essential Spanish Grammar, published by Routledge. They have a series of these books for different languages and most of them are very good at presenting clear information. I can see that you are used to exposing yourself to different languages, so I don't think it would be a problem for you. I do not recommend it for people who study a language for the first time since the explanations tend to be very technical. There is also Comprehensive Spanish Grammar, basically the same, but a lot more details, exceptions, and so on. I would recommend the first one... once you speak Spanish fluently it will be a lot easier to read the second.

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