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Gramática da Língua Portuguesa


Hello, does anybody know a good Portuguese grammar book?
Thank you!

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    Hi,I bought "Aprender e praticar gramática",by Mauro Ferreira.It´s for those who are going to pass the "vestibular" to enter the university in Brazil. ( (I bought it in S.Paulo)
    It´s been very useful for me.
    Then I found " Gramática do portugues contemporaneo",by Celso Cunha (LPM Pocket),and "Gramática completa para concursos e vestibulares",by Nílson Teixeira de Almeida,in a small town in the border with Uruguay,so these two are more common.
    I hope to have helped you.Good luck!

    Gramatica da Língua Portuguesa, Pascuale e Ulisses. Is very very complete, 649 pages, and you can find PDF download in internet.

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