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この本が世界でなくてだろう(If that isn't word's best book I don't what is that)
あなたを食べたびにうちに(Duriing each time you eat)
食べつづける(keep on eating)
その見てところだったつ(I was about to see that)
I want to know the use of ~でなくてだろう、~たびに、~うちに、つづける..and pleasee correct my sentences
thank you

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    I am not sure what you want to say by the first phrase you made.
    Anyway "~でなくてだろう" is not a correct form.

    The second one would be "あなたが食べるたびに、その間".

    The third one is correct.

    The last one would be "それを見ようとしていた".

    I hope this helps.

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