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Is it true you can be arrested for being drunk in public in China?


I just heard this fact and I was wandering whether or not it was true.

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    You can be arrested for being drunk in any country, not just China.


    You can be arrested for being drunk in public in England. Why would it be so shocking for that to be true in China also?!

    What? People in UK will be arrested if they are drunk in public?! I know you will face a heavy charge if you drive while you are drunk, but drunk in public ... I think the answer is no. China is not a nanny state with many red tapes. But don't cause any trouble or you will be arrested for sure.

    No one will be arrested for being drunk in China. Maybe only when you are too drunk to find your home or to sleep in the street, police may come. Even when the police comes, he/she does not come to arrest you, but to check your address or identity. Sometimes drunken people may be taken to the police only for temporary stay, not arrest. When you become conscious again, you can leave. But most of the time, no one cares about that.

    I know in New York people can get themselves in trouble with the law if they drink on the streets. If someone wants to drink try his luck, he/she might have to use a straw and conceal the bottle in a paper bag. I’ve been in China for a few years now and I have never heard of anyone get arrested for being drunk in public. I guess that is because in China, being drunk in public itself is not considered a crime. What matters to them is what one does while being drunk.


    That depends. If you are stumbling on the street for being drunk, you'd not be arrested. However, if you're making a lot of noise or swearing at passersby, you would. In spite of this, you'd normally be released as soon as you sober up. Sometimes, instead of arresting you, the policeman might drive you home by force if he is able to find out where you live.

    If a person is arrested in china not for being drunk in public in china, just for what he has done when he was drunk. Whether he disturbed social order or violated the law.

    depends on "how much drunk"

    depends on how much you behave yourself.

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