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시나요 ending and differents between words)

Hi everyone!!
Please, can you explain me
1- 기다리시나요; 들리시나요....what odes mean this ending? 시나요....really, I don't understand it...(
2- what's the differents between 원하다 and 바라다?
Please, can u give some examples :))

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    When -시 comes into verb endings, it's due to formal politeness. There are rules about when to use it, because if you are talking TO someone higher up ABOUT someone higher up, you will have to have -시 as well as polite ending. If you are just talking ABOUT someone higher up to someone your own status, -시 but regular ending is used. (like about grandparents to friends, etc)

    I think 바라다 Is a formal version of 원하다. Just like 집 = 택 (formal version of "home"), and "드세요" is a formal version of 먹다/먹으세요 (like when you hear "많이 드세요~" when served food). These also are related to the rules of when to use formal language.

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