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how can i memorize the chinese caracters ? Can anyone give me a good efficient way, Please ?

i want to know a good way to memorize them, that when i use it it works very well with me. i want to speak it frequently

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    You can use it in every day and anywhere.I know that is diffcult for you ,but taht is the best way to the rememeber

    You can use flashcards or try

    find ways to use (write/read) them as often as possible.
    you can also try pen calligraphy. learn 楷书 style first. it's the most simple kind. i don't know if this will make you feel writing Chinese can be fun, but you can give it a try.

    divide them by parts

    遗 = 辶 and 中 and 一 and 贝

    living in China if possible lol....

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