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Use of "把"and "被" :)

Please, can you explain the use of 把 and 被 in each contexts, and can you write me some examples? Thank you very much! :)

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    把 is active voice,while 被 is passive.
    eg:我把这本书看完。I have read this book.
    这本书被我看完了。This book has been read by me.

    Actually,Chinese always use active voice to make sentences, but English-speaking prefer passive.

    I hope this has been helpful for you.:-D

    he reads a book
    he 把 a book reads

    a car hit me
    me 被 a car hit

    I give you three example sentences, this way it would be easier to understand.
    You will find all the three sentences are explaining the same thing, in other words they are same in meaning.The first sentence is a normal order, while the other two sentences are not , because they used " ba" and “bei". When you use "ba", you should place the object in front of the verb. When you use "bei", the sentence will be turned into passive voice. An apple was eaten by me.

    Get it?

    ‘把”的主语是people! "被“的主语是somethng not people!!for example! 我把苹果吃了------苹果被我吃了 I've eaten the apple

    Apple is eaten by me

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