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Russian alphabet

I really want to learn Russian but the alphabet is so difficult to learn -____-
Could you help me? If there's an easy way to learn Russian, tell me :D
Thanks before :)

For learning: Russian
Base language: English
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    абвгде ё жз и йклм н о прс т у фх ц ч шщъ ы ь э юя
    а бвг деёж з и йк л мноп рс туф х цчш щъ ыь эю я

    Hello! I am a native speaker and a linguist. You can right to me at if you need some help.

    I'm sharing the way how I start learn any language :)
    1) find the picture of Russian alphabet with transcription~
    2) print it~
    3) hang it on you wall~
    4) everyday read it so carefully~
    Good luck! ^^

    When I was a children, I've learned it by this song:

    Sorry for mistakes and good luck!

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