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Some good advice on Learning German

Hi everyone! I want to learn to speak German, no strict grammar request, being able to have daily conversation would be good enough at the beginning. I am a native Chinese speaker and am fluent in English, but i don't know much about German so far. I've heard it is a very sophisticated language and quite difficult to any good advice on learning German?

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    Well the alphabet is similar to English, with only 4 additional letters. So knwing English will be helpful there. That said, I have been having fun learning with and One is games to help learn, the other is flash cards based.

    I think you should first listen to German to become a feeling how it sounds like. You should learn simple sentences of daily use first without reading and writing German i.e., just concentrate on listening and speaking. It will be ideal if you have a language partner who can guide you and correct your pronunciation.

    I think if you are really just interested in daily life conversation
    watching series helps quite some, the language used in those programs is usually not too much of a sophisticated one ;)

    Sure it is going to be frustrating in the beginning when you do only understand five words in a 20minute show, however the screenplay will help you understand what's going on. 加油!

    这是些links ~ hope you find something you like there!

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