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Wich one?

What verb is more appropriate for describing bathing in a river or in a sea?
To bathe or to wallow? Or maybe other one?
Thank you :)

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    I'm not sure that I would use either one. If you literally mean that you are going to take a bath (wash yourself) in the river, then I would use "bathe." But using this word to mean "swim" is not common usage these days, in America, at least.

    I would probably use "swim" (even if I'm not actually swimming, but simply standing or playing in the water). Also, I might use "wade."

    "Wallow" is a term used for 2 things: 1) animals rolling around in mud and 2) people feeling sorry for themselves. I would definitely NOT use that word for this situation!


    One doesn't usually speak of humans wallowing. So I am assuming that you are speaking of animals. In which case, use bathe if they are becoming cleaner, and wallow if they are becoming dirtier. If you are speaking of humans, probably the verb you want is "to swim."

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