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"He still isn't fat"


How would you say "He still isn't fat" (as in, He eats a lot, but . . .") in Chinese?他还没胖?or 他还不胖?

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    但他不胖,or 可(是)他不胖,可是他就是不长胖(This one is more conversational)。。。。I am afraid neither of what you wrote is correct.还can be used like 他吃了这么多,可还是没长胖。He has eaten so much,yet he is not fat\but still he is not fat.But you cannot say 他还没胖,or 他还不胖。I am sorry if I didn't explain it clearly,This is quite tricky and hard to rationalize in linguistically。

    You can also use 也:

    他吃那么多也不胖。/ 他吃那么多也没胖。

    The first sentence is more like 'he never gets fat', while the second one sounds like 'he hasn't got fat so far'.


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