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Correct me english-to-hindi translation, please.

They call me Rishi. Raj is my little brother; he is a bit crazy. He is not in his room at the moment, he is in my room. And i'm not in my room; I'm in his room! He doesn't know that i know that he is in my room. Here in his room there are several old newspapers, but i don't know whose they are; Raj doesn't read books or newspapers. He plays with his friends but he doesn't talk to me. His friends are not my friends.

Ve mujhe Rishi bulate hain. Raj mera cchota bhai hai; vahe thodi pagal hai. Aab vahe apne kamre me nahi ho, vahe mere kamre me. Aur me apne mere kamre me nahi hu; Me uske kamre me hu. Unko malum nahi ki mujhe malum hai ki vahe mere kamre me. Yahaan uske kamre me kuch purane akhbare, lekin mujhe malum nahi ve kiske hain; Raj kitaabe aur akhbare padhta hai. Vahe khelta uske dost ke saath lekin vahe mere saath bolta nahi ho. Uske dost mere dost nahi hain.

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