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Can "나/내가" be used in 존댓말?

I sometimes/a lot of the time see "나" used in a sentence like "나 어때요?" or "내가 무서워요." Can it actually be used there (with friends you're not that close with maybe)?

Side note: I'm assuming 너 and 네가 definitely can't be used in 존댓말.

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    You can use it possibly to close family members including parents and grandparents, but you can't use it (for example) when you talk to older people, teacher, boss, higher rank (in military for example), or not-so-close older family members. It's a 반말 (informal speech).

    저 is used to respect the opponent by lowering yourself.
    If you are talking to seniors or higher rank persons, you always have to lower yourself by calling yourself as 저.
    In the other hand, even if you speak in 존댓말, if you don't have to lower yourself, 나 is OK.
    For example, the President of korea may refer herself as 나 when they speak in public. (though recent presidents don't do so).
    When I talk to a person, not close enough but still a lot younger than me, I speak in 존댓말 but I refer myself as 나.
    In doubt, always use 저.

    Regarding 너/네가, you are right. If you are speaking in 존댓말, that means the opponent is not close enough and never use 너.

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