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What does 点儿东西 mean?



Does 我给他买了点儿东西 translate as "I bought him a little something?“

What does 点儿东西 mean in English?


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    I suggest that you ignore this word and tranlate it into English as "I bought him something". because, it's spoken Chinese, and occasinally, It means not too much; but in most cases, it means nothing. People always like to say that, . eg. if you bought food and say "我买了吃的" ,that means you can speak chinses correctly; but if you say "我买了点儿吃的", that means you can speak idiomatic Chinese (地道的) just like local people. especially, Beijing guys like the word "儿"

    Yes you are right, "我给他买了(ㄧ)点儿东西" is indeed translated as "I bought him a little something“ where 'ㄧ' is often omitted.
    ㄧ点儿 = a little
    东西 = something/stuff

    北方人这么说吧,我们从来不说点儿,基本是我给他买了点东西。thats it

    i bought him something

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