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익숙해지면 일이 좀 수월해질 것이다.

In the sentence, why are 좀 and 것이다 used?

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    I think this sentence is too high level for you to be looking at if you don't understand 좀 or 을 것이다, but I'll still explain for you.

    익숙해지면, 일이 좀 수월해질 것이다.
    When you get used to it, this kind of thing will be easy. Or when you work at it it'll become easy.

    좀 is 'a little' 'a bit' something along that line. 것이다 is part of the structure 을 것이다 which shows future tense. It's actually changed into 해질 것이다 which means 'will become' 'will become more _____ whatever the verb attached to it is'.

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