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How do I say 'in'?

I would like to say 'In America,the 4th July is a holiday'.
Is this correct:

在美国, 明天(7月4号) 是节

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    Yes, it is correct to say 在美国 for 'In America'. You just need to add 日:

    在美国, 明天(7月4号)是节日。

    Or you can say 假日 or 休息日. Both words mean you don't have to work on that day. 节日 is more like a festival, a day to commemorate or celebrate.

    People might also say something like:


    In Chinese, people don't use nouns as often as in English. For example,

    She is a good student.

    would be:


    He is a good cook.

    would be:





    You should probably say "在美国, 明天是节日"

    If you said "在美国, 明天是节" to a Chinese, he would definitely be unable to understand it, because in Modern Chinese, the character "节" cannot be used as a WORD to mean "holiday" or "festival". It only exists in words consisting two or more characters, such as


    in China they say国庆节Guóqìng jié ; for July 4th I think you can say the same

    Holiday means "节假日,假期".
    So 在美国,明天(7月4日)是节假日 is right.
    But we will often say, 在美国,明天(7月4日)放假.
    Or we can also say that 明天(7月4日)是美国的国庆节.

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