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How do you know when you would say L or R for ㄹ?

I always have trouble with that and I can't pronounce words with ㄹ at the end at all. like 를, I am totally lost.

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    Depends on what I've learned till now:
    When ㄹ placed in the bottom of single word/in the ending of word, example: "말" the ㄹ read as "L"
    But when it followed by vocal or special consonant which is "h", it will be read as "R"
    Example: 말+해= it read as "marhae"
    You can often hear this kind of words in drama :marhae, marhaebwa, etc..

    And, when ㄹ placed in the first of a word, example in word 처럼. The "럼" has ㄹ in the first place, so it will be read as "R" so it become "Cheoreom" means "like/alike"

    And there are some special conditions when we use ㄹ and followed by the next/previous word which starting with ㄹ or ㄴ. Example:
    몰라 (the first word end by ㄹ and followed with the next word starting with ㄹ, so it will be read as "meolla"

    혼란 (the first word end by ㄴ and the second word starting with ㄹ, it WON'T be read as "honran" but IT WILL BE read as "hollan".

    Hope that help you^^

    ㄹ is neither L nor R, it's in between. When in doubt, I say do an L-ish sound, which is basically a soft R. Practice listening and repeating from videos or audio files (or conversation).

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