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What is the meaning of "калинки" in this headline:

"Златанова с разкритие: 60 "калинки" в Министерството на правосъдието"?

Obviously "калинка" is a euphemism for "illegal or nepotistic hire", but which of the five diffent meanings of "калинка" is the headline writer referring to?

lady-bird, lady-bug;

wild poppy;


mountain ash, rowan;

husband's unmarried younger sister;

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    None of these. In this case word 'калинка' is used in meaning which you will not find in the dictionary. Word came from Bulgarian woman name Kalina, which bacame а common name for all incompetent staff appointed (or as you said "illegal or nepotistic hire") in government.
    Few years ago there was a scandal with Kalina Ilieva - the former executive director of State Fund Agriculture. She was found to have been lying about her pregnancy and also: "Matters took a turn for the worse for Ilieva after 168 Chasa weekly quoted a spokesperson for the Berlin University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economy (Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft) as saying that the school had never issued bachelor and master's degrees for Ilieva, as she had claimed."

    You could read more here if you are interested:

    Hope this help.

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