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Differences between 一切 and 所有的

Exactly how does one use 一切 and 所有的 to express "All" or "Every"? What are the differences between the two. Examples would be very appreciated.

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    when you want to say 一切 you can put it in what you are going to express all.

    所有的 can be described amount of some a kind of thing or all kinds of things


    1 "一切" can be used a noun, meaning "everything", while "所有" can't.

    2 As you know, they can both be used before a noun, meaning "every" or "all". I can't (and I don't think anyone can) tell you "In ... cases, you can only use ...", though most learners of foreign languages are curious to know such answers.

    However, I can assure you that you can use "所有(的)" whenever you can use "一切" (except it's used as a noun, as I have mentioned above). Therefore, don't hesitate to use "所有(的)". You needn't think about whether "一切" can be also used when you are trying to construct a Chinese sentence with the word "所有" in it, need you?

    Some people say "一切" can't be used before human beings, but I disagree. Though we never say "一切人", "一切老师", we can say "一切敌人".

    First of all,both "一切" and "所有" mean "all".
    Second "所有的" is an adjective while "一切" and "所有" are pronouns”.
    Third,difference between "所以" and "一切" is that "所有" is a neutral word,while "一切" is a word with stronger emotion.
    e.g. "他带走了我的一切" means that he has taken all that I have so that I become crazy.
    "他带走了我的所以" means that he taken all that I have

    一切 所有 all /whole
    每一个 every

    It's a difficult question to answer easily, but I'll give it a burl:)

    一切 和 所有 都能+n.,意思几乎一样。(but 一切 is very formal )
    - 我喜欢一切美好的事物。

    一切 可以当代词(pronoun=everything)。

    sometimes 所有 can be explained as "owned by someone"
    -这房子归他所有。(=This house belongs to him)

    Hope you can get a feel for it through examples^^

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