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For learning: Japanese
Base language: Japanese
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    My suggestions:
    In order to improve your listening/understanding by hearing ability- watch as much as Japanese dramas and movies as possible. Also try listening to Japanese songs. This way you will be able to improve your listening capability unbelievably fast. As a Japanese learner myself, I was surprised to see how my listening and comprehending ability improved following these steps.

    To be able to read faster and better: find a Japanese book, soft or hard copy, either is OK. Learn the Hiragana characters beforehand and try reading all the Hiraganas you find from the book. I have learnt all the Hiragana and Katakana and now I have already learnt about 50 Kanjis. I have been reading one specific Japanese book along with other story books in Japanese out loud for about 7 months now and I was able to improve my reading speed very fast ^_^

    By the way, in your question, instead of ”どうやて日本語が上手になります?” it will be ”どうやって日本語が上手になりますか?” [どうやて=>どうやって].


    がんばってください。 (^_^)

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