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why do i need "te" in "te vas a ensuciar los zapatos"


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    Ensuciarse is the reflexive form of ensuciar. Here are some examples.

    Él me va a ensuciar los zapatos (he will get my shoes dirty)

    He will not get his own shoes dirty, he will get MY shoes dirty, that is why I use "me".

    If I will get my own shoes dirty:

    Me voy a ensuciar los zapatos.

    I use "me" because I will get MY OWN shoes dirty.

    In your sentence, "you will get your own shoes dirty"

    Tú te vas a ensuciar los zapatos.

    If "he will get your shoes dirty" I would use the same "te" even though it is he who will get them dirty.

    Él te va a ensuciar los zapatos.

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