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Please, how to read 言の葉の庭 exactly?

This is the title of anime movie by Makoto Shinkai, 2013. Wiki translates it and gives reading: The Garden Of Words --Kotonoha no Niwa. In dictionary I’ve found all words:

言 gen, a word, a remark, a statment, 葉 ha, a leaf, a blade, 庭 niwa, a yard, a garden,言葉 kotoba, language.

Is that right reading on Wiki? What another translation is possible, why 葉 (a leaf, leaves) in the original?

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    言の葉 is an archaic/poetic form of 言葉:a leaf of language.

    In English, people also used to call a page in a book a 'leaf'.

    Kotonoha is ancient Japanese word

    It was using in Japanese poem

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