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C'e' motivo o un perche' che si dicono "a cavallo" per dire "situata"? C'e' una storia qui x questo?

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    to be honest is not used to describe the animal (lol)
    in fact the term is: A CAVALLO that means on the horse
    the origin of this way to speak is from the riding man that is on the horse and have a leg on one side and the other one on the other side of the animal. in that situation the horse is something like a border and being on horse mean that you are half here and half there. From this: a cavallo tra qui e là

    Ciao Sarina
    Think to the horse....It is an animal with 4 paws....I do one example to being cleaner.

    - My region, Campania is situated, a cavallo , among Puglia ( imagine the first two paws of horse ) and Basilicata ( the other two paws of horse ); Campania is in between these two regions..

    I know it is hard to explain but i hope having you gave at least one idea about it.


    Non c'e` nessun motivo, e` possibile, usare termini piu` diretti :
    [e`] [situato/a] fra A e B,
    [e`] [situato/a] in mezzo a A e B,
    [e`] [situato/a] vicino a A e B,

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