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What's the meaning of "collapse in on themselves"?

The correct approach, it was realized only much later, is to consider the finite situation, in which the stars all fall in on each other, and then to ask how things change if one adds more stars roughly uniformly distributed outside this region. According to Newton’s law, the extra stars would make no difference at all to the original ones on average, so the stars would fall in just as fast. We can add as many stars as we like, but they will still always COLLAPSE IN ON THEMSELVES. We now know it is impossible to have an infinite static model of the universe in which gravity is always attractive.

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    it means roughly the same as "fall in on each other" earlier in the text. It means they are all pulled into the same space and get mashed up together.

    it means to fall on top of one another. The context begins, "in which the stars all fall in on each other". Because the description is of a place where space does not really exist , Newton's law apparently , determines no matter how manner more stars are added here, movement of them falling in on each other has no end.

    Is he talking about outer space?
    The closest image that comes to my mind after reading this is the computer screen saver where its just a bunch of stars you see moving past.

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