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Grammar . Could you please help me? Thank ^^


Please correct my sentences if they are not correct. Thank a lot =)

1) Some says that it is good.

1.1) Some thinks that it is bad for your bad behavior.

2) Amazing! I received a call from the future.

3) What would you do if you were me?

4) Will you accept him if he confesses his love to you?

Thank ^^

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    You need to to use the plural form of the verb for "some." Think of the word "some" in these examples as a short way of saying, "Some people."

    "Some say..."
    "Some think..."

    I'm also not completely sure what you're trying to say in 1.1. "it is bad for your bad behavior." Are you trying to say that it is actually good or bad?

    The others are fine.

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