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هو ما

Hey, how does this little thing work exactly?
Here are two sentences as examples: ممهلاً الجميع - حكومة ومعارضة - 48 ساعة للتوافق للخروج من الأزمة، وهو ما يفتح الباب لمخاوف عدة من الصفقات وحلول الوسط
Official translation: "It gave government and opposition 48 hours to agree a way out of the crisis but raised fears of deals and compromises." Firstly, is ممهلا a typo?Cuz I couldn't find a translation for that word anywhere.

فالنظام الفاشل مازال يقاوم، وهو ما لا تقبله جماهير
Official translation: The failed regime is still resisting, and this is unacceptable to the masses.

So, it seems that wa howa ma functions as a but/however but i would appreciate if someone could explain more :)


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    ممهلاً is not a typo. It's used in sentence with period time " مهله " Example:
    "الملاكم يبتعد عن خصمه، ممهلاً اياه لحظات ليستعيد وعيه"
    we used it here for the same reason "period time" and our time here is seconds. And in your example the time was 48 hours.
    "امهلني دقيقة لأستعد" the word "امهلني " it's mean here "give me period time" and after that we said "دقيقة" which is mean " 1min " and that is our time here.
    The different between the words in all examples:
    in your example: "ممهلاً" it's mean there is a someone or a side give the other side period of time. "momhilen"
    in my first example: "ممهلاً" it's mean the Boxer give his enemy a period of time."momhilen"
    my second example: "امهلني" it's mean the first peson said give me a period of time. "Amhilny"

    wa howa ma " و هو ما ": lit us take it one by one,
    wa " و ": which is mean " and "
    howa " هو ": which is mean " the thing that we talking about or a person " and here it's mean the failed regime.
    ma " ما ": which is mean " is " in this example
    and in your sentence mean: " and the failed regime is not acceptable to the masses "

    " لقد صحوت متأخراً، وهذا ما جعلني اسرع للشركة "
    " I woke up late, and that's what make me go fast to the company. "
    in this example: " ما - ma " mean " what "

    " حارس المرمى كان سيئاً، وهو السبب الأول في خسارتنا "
    " The goal keeper was bad, and he is the first reason for our lost. "
    in this example: " هو - howa " mean " he " as I said before it's mean the thing that we talking about or a person.

    *I tried my best to explain it to you.


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