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Que es la diferencia entre los verbos "quedar" y "quedarse"?

A veces, veo el verbo sin "se,me,te,nos" y otros tiempos lo veo con "se,me,te,nos." No entiendo...Tienen diferentes significados? Es una manera correcta y la otra manera incorrecta?

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    Quedar has a few different meanings. One of those meanings is "keep." If you use it as a reflexive verb (quedarse), then it means "stay" or "remain." I think of it as "I'm keeping myself where I am." Me quedo en casa, por ejemplo.

    But if you use it without the reflexive property, it can take a different object. You can say, "Me quedan poco amigos." Which would translate literally as "Few friends keep me." We would say in English, "I have a few friends left."

    You can also use it without the reflexive to mean "meet." "Donde quedamos?" or "Where are we meeting?"


    Tu pregunta
    Quedar es un verbo con muchos significados, desde to stay hasta to cheat... aquí tienes sus diferentes significados.
    Ambas son correctas según el contexto. Por ejemplo "Vamos a quedar en Gran Via" (We're going to meet in Gran Via" o por ejemplo "Va a quedarse en Madrid" (He is going to stay in Madrid).

    Well it depends of the country. In colombia we just use it in the meaning of : stay in a place for sleeping, for a party, for a school etc.
    But I know there is another meaning maybe in Mexico. That's mean to have a date with someone.

    Quedar is when the verb is in ifinitive and quedarse is the verb conjugate. One sentence for ghis word could be: Julia quiere quedarse en la casa de su amiga.
    The other way is: Julia se quiere quedar en la casa de su amiga.

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