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When do we use 반말 and polite speech? Is 반말 only with family and polite is with friends?

And how to we say polite speech in korean? (the one that finishes in -요)

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    So , in general,
    반말: in family, to younger people, between VERY close friends even if they're older than us.
    -요: between strangers, colleagues, to friends older than us (so not very close)
    -ㅂ니다 : to people of a certain elite like grandfathers, grandmothers, professors, ambassadors etc..

    You can use 반말 possibly to a VERY close family members including parents and grandparents and friends.

    요 to make the phrase more respectful.

    You have to use 존댓말, (for example) when you talk to older people, teacher, boss, professors or not-so-close older family members.

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