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度假、假期、放假是什么意思?What is the difference between these three words regarding vacation?


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    度假 是动词词组。度(=度过,spend vacation)
    假期 是名词。=vacation
    放假 介词词组= on vacation

    度假 emphasizes that we are going to have some activities. For example, 我们要去美国度假。
    While 放假 is more lika a status。比如:我们放假了。我们在刚放假。

    Marie's example sentences of 放假 are good!:)


    度假 go on holiday, be on holiday

    假期 holidays, vacation

    放假 Technically this is a verb phrase, and the emphasis is on 'you don't have to go to school or work', so it's like 'a day (x days) off': 我们学校明天放假。/ 我们春节放七天假。

    假期:a noun
    度假:a verb 这个周末终于可以去度假啦
    放假:A verb 我们学校这个周末不放假


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